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Coon Creek is a seventy-three million-year-old fossil site located about ninety miles east of Memphis in Mc Nairy County, Tennessee.State-specific rockhounding books (including the books listed here as well as other books), regional rockhounding site guides, and other helpful rockhounding resources are identified - by category - in the Books & Gear section of Gator Girl Rocks with a link to the Gator Girl Rocks Amazon Store where you may easily browse selected resources and securely place an order. The museum – called the ETSU and General Shale Brick Natural History Museum and Visitor Center at the Gray Fossil Site – exhibits fossils pertaining to the Gray Fossil Site.

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The site even contains a strange, shovel-tusked elephant whose intruding lower jaw held flat, bladelike lower tusks used for stripping the bark of trees and tearing up vegetation. Tennessee, of course, is famous for historic (and prehistoric) arrowheads (as well as Clovis points).

The museum has two main exhibit rooms and a smaller black light room that displays fluorescent minerals. The Coon Creek formation in western Tennessee (and northeast Mississippi) is a Late Cretaceous (about 73 million years old) sedimentary sandy marl deposit.

Agate, a semiprecious gemstone, is a cryptocrystalline variety of the mineral quartz.

Agate is common in Tennessee and occurs in a variety of colors.

Rockhounding Tip: Knowing state rocks, gemstones, minerals, fossils, and dinosaurs often can be very useful information for rockhounders.

Ordinarily, states with significant mineral deposits, valuable gemstones, fossils, or unusual or significant rock occurrences will designate an official state mineral, rock/stone, gemstone, fossil, or dinosaur to promote interest in the state’s natural resources, history, tourism, etc.

Limestone is widespread throughout Tennessee and the state has numerous caves and caverns.

In addition, Tennessee has three meteor craters (the Flynn Creek Structure, the Howell Structure, and the Wells Creek Basin).

Bivalves are the class of mollusks that includes clams, oysters, mussels, and scallops.

Ptero was a wedge-shaped, shallow burrowing suspension feeder that inhabited the marine clay sand ocean floor seventy million years ago when a shallow sea covered west Tennessee.

Nestled in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains, Blackberry Farm stretches over 9,200 acres of idyllic land and provides its guests with luxurious accommodation and five star service.

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