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The stunning allegations came from the party's Queensland leader Steve Dickson as he tried to defend his party's domestic violence policy and its promise to abolish the Safe Schools program, if elected."One Nation is about protecting the whole family unit," he said."And that takes me onto another note — the controversial Safe Schools program in Queensland.

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IMPROMPTU INVESTIGATION Kruse told The Oregonian/Oregon Live he signed up for online chat sites to meet women.

He told police he was seeking a relationship -- but said he was also conducting his own investigation into online scams.

A You Tube description purports that the clip shows him masturbating, but the highly-pixelated video does not.

His explanations to police about whether he in fact fielded a demand for money and why he engaged in the video chat differed from the account he gave reporters.

"We are actually standing by Mark, he is not going to be disendorsed.

She would not be drawn on whether the posts were offensive, while insisting the Safe Schools program was "rubbish".

He has denied inappropriate touching and cast the allegations against him as politically motivated.

When asked about the compromising video, Kruse told The Oregonian/Oregon Live that he chatted with women online because he was searching for a relationship.

"We are having little kids in grade four at school, young girls being taught by teachers how to masturbate, how to strap on dildos, how to do this sort of stuff — that is the real problem in this country." The remarks came a day after One Nation refused to dump a candidate over derogatory jokes about sex and domestic violence, made on the candidate's sex-shop Facebook page.

An angry Premier described the comments as "absolutely atrocious"."That is rubbish, that is complete nonsense," Ms Palaszczuk said.

Jeff Kruse gave conflicting stories to law enforcement and the press about what he alleges was an attempted extortion campaign against him.

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