Pros cons of internet dating

With so little space to sell yourself on your profile everyone on dating sites end up sounding the same; everyone enjoys cuddling up on the sofa with a bottle of red wine.

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Where are we supposed to find the time for meeting new men?

Internet dating allows you to browse through thousands of men from the comfort of your own living room.

Imagine you do miraculously happen to bump into a handsome, single man in the supermarket on one of your few trips out of the house.

Chances are that he’ll be presented with a stressed looking woman with bags under her eyes and unwashed hair scraped back in a ponytail and he’ll probably run a mile never to know what a funny, charming girl you actually are.

“Sure I liked him and had a really great time but I didn’t go weak at the knees every time he smiled. The problem with too much choice is that you spend so much time worrying over the options that you never get to actually enjoy what you’ve got.

Like with the kid scoffing his sweet whilst looking enviously at the choice his sister made, you too cannot enjoy the great man you met if you’re constantly looking enviously through the endless other options available to you online.You effectively still have a sign saying “I’m single and actively looking for a man”.The problem here is that in real life you don’t have a neon sign above your head declaring your single status so when you do start dating someone you don’t have to worry about turning it off.Now that you’ve got a job the pool of choice has been reduced greatly.Online, however, there are thousands of men your age and, best of all, they’re all* single so you can jump right in. Most people are used to the subtle rules of dating in the real world and have learnt how to work with them.Everyone remembers how easy it was in college or university.

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