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While Romero is responsible for most of the "general" zombie conventions, the more specific and visible zombie tropes are more often inspired by the later works of John Russo, 's co-writer.Most zombie movies mix-and-match conventions from the Romero and Russo canons.

You got traffic for Mingle2, the dating site, through search engine optimization. Why would someone who knows so much about SEO just push it aside?

: I think the real strength that I had with SEO wasn’t really the technical aspects of SEO itself.

You could do that with comics, let people embed your comics on their websites and add anchor text that makes sense and that doesn’t violate Google’s terms of service and that does help what you’re trying to build. : Just because the success of my comics doesn’t bank on people searching for keywords.

It banks on the humor and the insight in those comics and the utility of them.

Their gait can also vary, from limping, sliding their feet on the ground or have the "arms forward" stance, and the more modern variant, the running zombie.

See also Everything's Deader with Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse, Not a Zombie.

So I get traffic for that from people who are searching for the word “semicolon.” But that wasn’t the goal.

I didn’t decide, oh, I’m going to rank for semicolons and build a business on it.

"If you're going to get into every Tom, Dick, and rage virus reimagining of zombies, we will be here all night.

Romero zombies are the only zombies; we literally cannot advance this conversation otherwise!

Not Using the "Z" Word happens when creatures that otherwise fit the profile perfectly are not zombies.

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