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When Amy Jackson finally comes to write her autobiography it will read like a 21st-century fairy tale.

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A story about the event – featuring a large picture of Amy as the winner – appeared in the Daily Mail where it was spotted by an Indian film producer who happened to be in London.

Amy – who was just about to turn 17 – received a call inviting her to a casting audition in the capital.‘My first reaction was to say no,’ she says.

The Tamil movie bible Behindwoods wrote: ‘The one who walks away with the top honours is Amy Jackson for a beautiful portrayal of a lady torn between her love and the mighty empire.

She looks beautiful, emotes well through her expressive eyes and is able to earn the sympathy of the audiences during tough times.’ She was nominated for a best debut actress award and just as she was planning to return to her sixth-form college, she found herself inundated with movie offers.

‘But my dad [Alan, who was a producer for BBC Radio Merseyside] told me never to turn down an opportunity.

He said he’d go with me and we’d just see what it was about: nothing ventured, nothing gained.

India is now absolutely part of who I am.’It has been reported that she has a retinue of staff – including a personal juice maker – to help fend off her obsessive fans, monitor her regular proposals of marriage and keep her in the style to which an Anglo-Indian princess is accustomed. ‘I think there are a lot of assumptions about the way I live my life.'I don’t have lots of staff.

I do have friends from home who help me with choosing clothes and a great guy called Raju who is my assistant.

Then we saw the director and the producers standing there with huge bouquets of flowers, a massive car and all these smiling, waving assistants.

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