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In 2003, he filed for legal emancipation from his mother, Jane Carter, believing that she had stolen over 0,000 from him.

When Aaron turned 18 and got access to his trust fund, Aaron alleges, he found far less than he was owed.

It’s the ’00s romance buzz that has been sweeping the nation. Hilary Duff is, quite literally, the closest thing to human perfection ever. well, let’s just say he hit his prime in his “Aaron’s Party” days.

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This is their alleged conversation: Waiting for her for half of your life? Obviously we have no way of knowing what percentage of this conversation is accurate, maybe the screenshots are Photoshopped, but that doesn't change the fact that we absolutely do NOT love the idea of Hilary and Aaron getting abck together!!! Even if you discount his troubles with drugs or other dubious women or the fact that they already gave dating a shot and it didn't work out, Hilary is still in the very delicate process of ending her marriage!

She doesn't need to hop right back into a relationship with right now, let alone an ex-boyfriend who broke her heart after reportedly dumping her for Lindsay Lohan!!! Do U think Aaron is really still lusting after Hilary or was all of this blown out of proportion?

After then breaking up with Li Lo, he and the former ' Lizzie Mc Guire' star got back together before he ultimately ended up cheating on her with her best friend.

Yeah, somehow we don't think Hilary would be too keen on taking him back.

(Photo by Lucy Nicholson/Getty Images) Talk about a Throwback Thursday.

If you don’t remember, or weren’t a pre-teen in the early 2000’s, let us take you on a quick trip down memory lane.In Carter’s case, it’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment when his career took a turn for the unsalvageable.And while Carter has clearly been on a questionable path for a while now, it’s still hard to reconcile the singer’s adult onset personality/rap sheet and the world’s middle school boyfriend.In an emotional post, he said, "When I was around 13-years-old I started to find boys and girls attractive.Aaron Carter, aaron's party, boyfriend, chad michael murray, couple, dating, girlfriend, Hilary Duff, Lindsay Lohan, lizzie mcguire, luca, Mike Comrie , photos, relationship, Son, twitter, when did hilary duff and aaron carter date HOLLYWOOD, CA - APRIL 26: Actress Hilary Duff (L) hugs singer Aaron Carter as they attend the premiere of The Lizzie Mc Guire Movie on April 26, 2003 in Hollywood, California.Former Aaron Carter stans desperate for answers can start by re-watching 2006’s, an E!

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