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Before I came to Egypt, I worked in the same field in China.

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And China is the lead investor in the construction of a planned multibillion-dollar industrial zone around the Suez Canal. Egyptians are generally kind and I've experienced a lot to confirm this ... They're always joking even if they're suffering from life's hardships ... Saleh Machyanj, Each new collaboration is an opportunity for the Chinese diaspora to grow their businesses.

South of Cairo, the Shaqel Thoben area is one of the world's major production centres for marble and granite.

I now have many Muslim friends in the factory where I work.

They treat me like a brother and a friend, so I don't feel like a stranger or foreigner in Egypt.

"I realised many Chinese in Egypt have problems finding Chinese food ...

So I opened a small Chinese restaurant six years ago.After two years, the restaurant started becoming successful.For a year and a half, I bought this restaurant from another Chinese," says Po, who is married to an Egyptian.For over a quarter century, China and Egypt have steadily been learning how to make money together – through a range of economic and infrastructure projects.Egypt has awarded several contracts to Chinese companies for the construction of a bn administrative and residential city that will be physically linked to Cairo.Instead, the law that was used to prosecute the men is one with roots in British colonialism—one meant to rid the newly independent Egypt of the licensed brothels that had existed under British rule.

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