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But in the end, the King of Games is all about cards, so let's find out how these cards stack up.Beginning of Destiny puts you in the shoes of a nameless, faceless transfer student first arriving at the Duel Academy, a school based primarily on the instruction and evaluation of card battles.Not only is this game based on the card game and a subsequent anime spin-off, but the gameplay is highly technical and encapsulated within a college/dating sim that only a special type of gamer can appreciate.

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But of course, the entire school is really just an avenue towards card battles, which is the primary gameplay mechanic of Beginning of Destiny. fans will be happy to know that the card battles in the game are almost perfect replications of the actual card game, down to the surprisingly technical rules and card chains.

I should note that I have a relatively extensive history with the card game -- my friend and I used to play it often so I was familiar with the mechanics before going in.

This is by far the most disappointing aspect of the title.

Had there been a more complex, involved sim experience, Beginning of Destiny would have been a much different (and better) game.

However, the actual card system is a (as far as we can tell) perfect replication of the real deal, which is definitely a plus.

Ultimately though, Beginning of Destiny is completely mediocre and should be skipped in favor of more polished, refined card battle titles, like the recently released Eye of Judgment.

Games like Harvest Moon have long since nurtured and expanded the day-to-day mechanic that gives you new challenges, new people to talk to and a varying schedule to keep things from getting repetitive.

When it comes to Beginning of Destiny, however, very little changes around campus each day and a normally entertaining gameplay type soon becomes obnoxiously boring and mundane.

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