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Palm OS 3.0 was introduced on March 9, 1998 with the launch of the Palm III series.

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Version 4.0 adds an attention manager to coordinate information from different applications, with several possibilities to get the user's attention, including sound, LED blinking or vibration.

16-bit color screens and different time zones are supported.

From version 5.0 onwards, Palm OS runs on ARM architecture-based processors.

The key features of the current Palm OS Garnet are: Included with the OS is also a set of standard applications, with the most relevant ones for the four mentioned PIM operations.

As a consequence, on January 25, 2007, ACCESS announced a name change to their current Palm OS operating system, now titled Garnet OS. Designed in 1996 for Palm Computing, Inc.'s new Pilot PDA, it has been implemented on a wide array of mobile devices, including smartphones, wrist watches, handheld gaming consoles, barcode readers and GPS devices.

Palm OS versions earlier than 5.0 run on Motorola/Freescale Dragon Ball processors.

This version also features updated PIM applications and an update to the application launcher.

Palm OS 3.1 adds only minor new features, like network Hot Sync support. Palm OS 3.2 adds Web Clipping support, which is an early Palm-specific solution to bring web-content to a small PDA screen. Palm OS 3.3 adds faster Hot Sync speeds and the ability to do infrared hotsyncing. Palm OS 3.5 is the first version to include native 8-bit color support.

Also included is a calculator and the Security tool to hide records for private use.

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