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So, therefore, I found out that Camperor suited much better for me. I like ace attorney, dragonball, homestar, and other. Just submit me one on the PM and I'll look into it! Gender: Male Age: 20City of Current Residence: Plano, TXPlace of Birth: Grapevine, TXDate of Birth: 1/12/1998Skype: keya.aghaei Status: I am currently in College. I've also looked into TV Tropes, Heroes Wiki, and even the Villains Wiki. Once I was called "Keyz05" or "Keyz" for short, but I changed my name because it felt too stupid to me. For me, I've played a lot of video games, watched movies, and even read manga.How will the whole cast deal with these kinds of conflicts?

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If I'm writing a serious science/fantasy manga with an Iranian protagonist, then I'd gotta come up with something interesting out of it. It must also be accessed if the person has Demon blood & genes.

Whenever I'm out of energy, we go to someone's house, College, go to a restaurant, or if I'm not in a right mood to write. A: It's fun, I come up with crazy stuff to franchises and my original work, and I would feel relieved to see how much hard work I have done so far. Luke Skywalker (c) Star Wars (RIP from The Last Jedi)8. Once it's achieved, the user will have dark hair, glowing red-pupil eyes regardless of eye color, and a black aura surrounding them.

That being said, there's kebab, Norooz as the Iranian new year, Ramadan which is a traditional middle eastern holiday, Mosques, Westernization, and Flats which are used as homes in the country. A: They're both great fanbases; however, both fan bases have a few number of flaws I've spotted. That's just ridiculous because the fanbase sees Ragna as Blaz Blue, EVEN THOUGH I DON'T SEE IT THAT WAY! I hope you knuckleheads continue playing as Retard The Dumbedge on Blaz Blue Cross Tag or other future content starring as him.)Honorable Mentions: Sir Issac Ray Peram Westcott (c) Date-A-Live Alucard (c) Hellsing Alex Mercer (c) Prototype Demigra (c) Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Albert Wesker (c) Resident Evil Freddy Krueger (c) Nightmare On Elm Street Michael Myers (c) Halloween Scorpion (c) Mortal Kombat Cinder Fall (c) RWBYFreeza (c) Dragon Ball ZZamasu (c) Dragon Ball Super Goku Black (c) Dragon Ball Super Ellen Mira Mathers (c) Date-A-Live Koba (c) Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Salem (c) RWBYLord Voldemort (c) Harry Potter Sauron (c) The Lord Of The Rings Vladimir Makarov (c) Call Of Duty Imam Zakhaev (c) Call Of Duty Dante (c) Devil May Cry Azrael (c) Blaz Blue Matt Engarde (c) Ace Attorney Dahlia Hawthorne (c) Ace Attorney Quercus Alba (c) Ace Attorney Calisto Yew (c) Ace Attorney Joker (c) Batman Lex Luthor (c) Superman My Favorite Franchises: Ace Attorney -I love how you are an attorney trying to find the truth of a murder. Favorite Prosecutor:-Miles Edgeworth-Godot Favorite Defense Attorney:-Phoenix Wright-Athena Cykes Dragon Ball Z and so on - One of my all-time favorite franchises.

In the Dragon Ball fanbase, people complain about the animation, comparison's to the FUNimation dub and Super, animation, and the pacing. Vegeta (c) Dragon Ball Characters That I Absolutely DESPISE in Fiction:(NOTE: If you like any of these characters that I've mentioned below, then bear in mind that this is all my personal opinion. It's great to have amazing characters, full of bad-asses, interesting backstories, a dark story, and all of the villains/criminals are despicable. Dragon Ball has been with me since I've last seen Ace Attorney.

And now he believes there is nothing for him but the aftermath of one, simple mistake. (Currently being rewritten)Drabbles/One-shots/ficlets focusing mostly on Krillin's family, but with a dash of other canon pairings mixed in. They say that Manfred von Karma only took a single vacation in his entire career, but what if he actually took, or was forced on, another one so unbearable that he wished that it never happened?

This is the story of that vacation; the first and last time that Manfred ever took his family to the beach.No problemo, I just make one and that character is on its way to its arc. There's also adding facets and internal conflict to a character in a narrative. If you want people to care for your cute character, then SHOW! Also, since your character seems to be serious, then just showing us pictures isn't gonna help. Dory (c) Finding Dory Hinata Hyuga (c) Naruto Hiccup (c) How To Train Your Dragon Prince Alfonse (c) Fire Emblem: Heroes Anna (c) Fire Emblem: Heroes Sharena (c) Fire Emblem: Heroes Maya Fey (c) Ace Attorney Pearl Fey (c) Ace Attorney Qui Gon Jinn (c) Star Wars Superman (c) Superman My Favorite Anti-Hero Characters:10. Maximum Charge - Learned by Mira in his younger years in the Demon Realm. Nevertheless, it's learned by Mira in his younger years in the Demon Realm.Want to create a chosen Iranian warrior in a science/fantasy world? My favorite writers are: Shu Takumi: Writer of the original Ace Attorney trilogy and Dai Gyakuten Saiban. William Shakespeare: Writer of his poetic books, including Othello. Without a conflict, there won't be any change to the character and no interest at all. Meteor Crash -Learned by Mira in his younger years in the Demon Realm.Everybody knows that Gohan wasn't same after his late fathers farewell.His light, his smile, his hero had all been stolen from him - all in the matter of a day. Chapter 14; Release, in which Eighteen has to come to terms with herself.I don't get it why people become sadistic to the Ace Attorney cast or making them evil for that matter, as it never made any sense to me. Favorite Characters:-Goku-Krillin-Piccolo-Tien-Yamcha-Xeno Trunks/Future Trunks-Supreme Kai of Time Favorite Characters from Dragon Ball Heroes:-Beat-Note-Froze-Kabra-Basaku-Forte-Zen-Fen Dragon Ball Heroes ships:-Beat x Note-Erito x Viola-Basaku x Forte-Froze x Fem! You'll laugh at what jokes they put into their episodes. Star Wars: Commander Fire Emblem: Heroes Super Mario Oddesey Puyo Puyo Tetris Legend Of Zelda Series DOOMUndertale Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Max Payne 3Far Cry 2Far Cry 3Far Cry 4Team Fortress 2Half-Life (Opposing Force, included)Half-Life 2Sonic The Hedge Hog Total War Shogun 2Minecraft Total War: Rome (Barbarian Invasion, included)Medival II: Total War Earthbound Mother 3Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice Elder Scrolls: Skyrim & Oblivion Surgeon Simulator 2013 by Deal Express" href="#"Call Of Duty Guilty Gear TV shows, movies, and Cartoons: The Lord of The Rings franchise Star Wars franchise Star Wars: The Clone Wars Date-A-Live Dragon Ball ZNaruto Harry Potter My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Homestar Runner Song Of The Sea Frozen Inside Out The LEGO Movie The LEGO Batman Movie Toy Story Series Fullmetal Alchemist Invader Zim Despicable Me Bleach Beavis and Butthead King Of The Hill How To Train Your Dragon Ao No Exorcist Fairy Tail Rudolf The Black Cat Up Coco Relationships that I love: Name: James Mattison Estimated Birth Year: 2010-2011Age: 17 (18 in 2029 and so on.)Weight: 131 lb Height: 5'9"Blood type: AAppearance: James Mattison is a young boy and a 17-year-old teenager who wears a gray hoodie with a white T-shirt underneath it, blue jeans with a black belt and a silver buckle, brown white-laced sneakers, short black hair with both sides slightly risen, and light-brown eyes. My Dragon Ball OCName: Braca Race: Demon Age: 19 (21 in Xenoverse 2)Date of Birth: Age 756Height: 177 cm/5'9"Weight: 61 kg/134 lbs Occupation: Time Breaker Agent(formerly), Convenience Store Clerk, Time Patrol Agent.

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