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Patrick Galen Dempsey was born on January 13, 1966 in Lewiston, Maine, to M. His parents were both originally from Pennsylvania, and he has German, English, and Scottish ancestry ("Dempsey" was the surname of his step-grandfather).Patrick, who was diagnosed as dyslexic (he has to fully memorize his scripts), attended St.

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Life resembled art that same year when Patrick married actress and drama coach Rocky Parker, who played a bit part in the film. By this time, his trademark cuteness and appeal started taking shape.

The youthful 21-year old Patrick played a nerd role next in the very funny high school comedy Can't Buy Me Love (1987) with Amanda Peterson.

The couple have three children: daughter, Tallulah Fyfe (born 2002), and twin sons Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick (born 2007).

An avid sports car racer (he has participated in the Indianapolis and Daytona Beach events), he showed off a more humanitarian side when he started the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing in his hometown of Lewiston after his mother developed ovarian cancer.

Patrick Dempsey is now dealing with his divorce from Jillian Fink — but it's certainly not his only split that has caused some major drama.

Shortly after "Mc Dreamy" was spotted still wearing his wedding ring following his current breakup, it's been reported the actor struggled with a four-year divorce battle with his first ex-wife, Rochelle “Rocky” Parker, who allegedly claimed the 49-year-old was violent towards her in divorce papers.

The rest of the decade on film was less newsworthy with co-starring or featured movie roles in Hugo Pool (1997), Denial (1998), Life in the Fast Lane (1998) and Me and Will (1999).

It was television that gave Patrick a shot in the arm as he progressed into the new millennium.

Stretching more in the 1990s, Patrick co-starred on stage in a 1991 production of "The Subject Was Roses" (playing the Martin Sheen film role) as the World War II soldier readjusting to civilian life with his parents (Dana Ivey and "Frasier" co-star John Mahoney).

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