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As Halloween approaches and the air is thick with magic and mayhem, trying out a few sex tips from a witch is one way to tap into the seasonal spirit.

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If you want to support their support of a community that’s marginalized and majorly oppressed, you can donate here.

Advocates for Youth is bigger and more established than the other groups on this list, but I wanted to include them because they’re one of the best groups advocating for comprehensive sex education for young people in America.

The Center for Sex and Culture is a San Francisco OG of sex positivity. However, they are a nonprofit trying to survive in the astronomically expensive city by the bay — rent doubled this past year and they’re struggling to keep the doors open.

You can support their work and keep sex positive culture alive.

This year, why not consider giving a few bucks to a sex-positive organization?

If you believe in building consent culture, people’s right to make their own decisions about their bodies and sex lives, and the right of children and teens to non-judgmental, comprehensive sex education, then it’s the time of year to put your money where your mouth is.As most of you I’m sure know, the state of sex ed in the United States is… Advocates for Youth has been fighting since 1980 for comprehensive sex education for teens in the United States and around the world.Now if that kind of dedication doesn’t deserve your donation, I don’t know what does! And so as we give the middle finger to 2017 as it walks out the door, set the stage for a better 2018 by donating to one of these sex-positive organizations.We’ve been threatened with rollbacks of our reproductive rights; our comprehensive sex ed programs took a hit. These are the people fighting rape culture by working to change the way we talk about sex and consent.They are the front lines — and they need your support. Robert Morgan Lawrence, the CSC has been bringing classes, books, events, and even a sex-positive library to the world for longer than Harry Styles has been alive.If you feel like everyone could use a little more laughter, you can donate to their cause.

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