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I have not been able to find a pattern of when it does it, but I have some spreadsheets that do this consistently.In part 1 of this series we took a look at VLOOKUP formula basics.

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Here we have an employee LOOKUP table with the employee ID on the left.

You see we’ve got employee full name, SSN, department, start date, and earnings for each of these employees.

Press the Enter key, and you’ll notice that employee EMP002 gets pulled up, Lucian Franklin.

And what I should be able to do now is copy that across into each of these cells (D7: G7).

So if you see someone’s name that you recognize, it isn’t that person.

By the way, if you want to learn more about data validation, you should check out my book “Power Tips for Excel.” That takes you through some data validation tips and tricks.

What we’re going to do is use a VLOOKUP formula to populate this top table, so that whenever we change the data validation drop-down, say we change it from 3 to 2, we shall see the corresponding line pulled out at the top.

None of the names here are real people, they’re all computer-generated names.

The simple method is to use the VLOOKUP formula without any other functions.

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