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Another thing to look for is whether the numbers are too close. The fake one on the right has no serial number at all. You can search for your serial number at The Guitar Dater Project.

It will return the birth date of your guitar and the manufacturing plant.

This contradicts what information is accepted, so if you have one like this, let me know.

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In 2006, Gibson ended its relationship with Yamano Music.

You can research and find in much greater detail, information about the histories of these brands on other websites, but for me, the important part is to judgean instrument upon its merits.

All “Orville” guitars were equipped with Japanese replica PAF pickups, while the “Orville by Gibson” guitars were usually equipped with authentic Gibson USAPAF ’57 Classics, and sometimes the original Bill Lawrence HB-R/HB-L or Gibson 490s.

Other than the difference in headstock logo and pickups, there are noother hidden or outward differences that I am aware of.

The domestic models had the Gibson open-book headstockdesign while the exported models were given the usual Epiphone design.

The regular line as well as their "Elite" line of guitars were all made in the samefactories as the Orvilles and Orville by Gibsons.I've had over 100 Orvilles and Orville by Gibsons and there were exceptional examples of both model types.Get your hands on one and see for yourself ; ) Andrew Originally, I bought one of these in Japan when I was there and there was a little "Made in Korea" sticker under the silver serial number sticker.Don't get me wrong, Orvilles are great guitars, and I found them all to be made much better than their USA counterparts, but they all lacked the unique feel andplayability that has earned Greco, Tokai and Aria Pro II their growing stellar reputations.And also, don't judge an Orville by whether it has "by Gibson" on theheadstock or not.If you want a Gibson guitar, and want it made right, then an Orville will do.

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