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“We were at the same restaurant, that’s it.” Both Rose and Durant were spotted having dinner at West Hollywood hot spot The Nice Guy.According to Us Weekly, Rose was until recently in a relationship with Ukrainian dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy.

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And that got Rose thinking: He could create a service that did this automatically for users, one that tapped the site's community to post and rank content from bloggers and news sites.

Those stories that appeared on the front page would represent the most popular ones of the day.

In less than a year, the site's monthly traffic had jumped to 200,000; Rose had a small staff working for him; and he had raised $2.8 million in venture capital.

By 2009, it was one of the most heavily trafficked Web sites in the country. Drawing from the interests of its visitors, the site brings together hard news and softer cultural pieces.

It's not unusual to find a piece titled "Supreme Court to Hear Cases Involving Bad Advice on Plea Deals" right next to another with the headline "The Evolution of Katy Perry." One of the more popular features of the site , a weekly show called Diggnation, features Rose himself.

In it, Rose and a co-host peer into the latest tech and cultural news by looking at Digg's most popular stories.Through it, Rose dissected tech news and trends and got to know people such as Apple computer co-founder Steve Wozniak.As the story goes, Rose had finished another interview with Wozniak and had come home, jealous of the stories the Apple co-founder had about those early, pioneering days when Apple was just getting off the ground.Gossip mags speculated the social media star was about to enter into yet another high-profile relationship with a famous man, but Rose says the two weren’t together at the restaurant at all, even as friends.“I was not with him at all,” she told a TMZ reporter on Wednesday night while entering an LA club.Guessing that Tebow gets plunked hard if and when he sees live action despite the fact that he could powerbomb 99 percent of the pitchers in MLB. The Red Sox are now getting into the act as they are going to have “sleep rooms” set up at Fenway Park, according to the Boston Globe.

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