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Some of the staples include: Ultrasonic Cleaning Unit, Distometer, Salt Pan, Pupilometer, PAL-ID, Optical Pliers, Nose Pad Popper, Screw Driver, Frame Warmer, Lens Clock, Calipers, Zyl File, Taps, Cutters, Tweezers, Screws,and PD Rulers.

Measure dioptric lens power manually or automatically with our Lensometer (lensmeter) instruments: AL500 Auto Lensometer, AL200 Auto Lensometer,and ML1 Manual Lensometer.

A good lensometer is imperative for efficient optical dispensing or optical laboratory work.

Western Ophthalmics provides options from integratedvision testerinstruments such as the Titmus Vision Screenerto individual tests such as the Ishihara Color Test, Stereo Fly Test, Lighted Eye Chart Cabinet, Krimsky Prince Rule, Prisms, Lang Stereo Test, Amsler Grid, Worth Four Dot Test, Phoria Measure, Preschool Test Cards, Opticokinetic Drum, Graduated E Cards, Sheridan Gardiner Test, Eye Charts, Near Point Acuity Cards, Translucent Acuity Charts, Occluders, Wall Muscle Light, and the Berens Accomodation Rule.

Western offers all of the ophthalmic instruments you would need to set up a complete refracting lane or pre-sreening area, such as the autorefractor and phoroptor refracting instrument, as well as phoroptor accessories, including the rotochart, reading rod and card holder, all from one supplier in one simple purchase.

Western offers an extensive and expanding selection of batteries to fit most manufacturer's ophthalmic instruments and power handles, including: ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes, transilluminators, acuity meters, tonometers and hand-held autorefractors.

Upon request, some obsolete batteries can even be custom fabricated on a case by case basis.

Western Ophthalmics (Western Optical) was founded in 1927 by opticians.

The current owners / employees come from a long line of opticians who truly enjoy providing tools to help you excel in your profession.

In addition to benefiting from Western's 40 years of experience, you should also enjoy having your email or phone call answered more quickly than you might with other online ophthalmic instruments vendors.

Your order is often prepared by the same friendly person who took it, and in most cases, is shipped the same day.

Western offers corneal measurment and contact lens fitting instruments from Lensco Meter Attachment and Keratometer Instrument to the Radiuscope and complete Corneal Topography System.

For many years Western manufactured rigid gas permeable lenses.

The Hertel Exophthalmometer and B and L Type Mirror Exophthalmometer intruments are also found for diagnosis and treatment of exophthalmos.

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