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Providing cutting edge E-Solutions at an affordable price." Toronto Web Design & Web Site Services Caters to the outsourcing needs of entrpreneurs the world over.Based in the CANADA, we excel in the quality of our service.“If there are too many women in the white-collar dating world,” Birger contends, “that means there are too many men in the blue-collar one.

(There are no “career men,” mind you.) Some blame women for being naive about their fertility, as if we had no monthly reminder of our own ticking clock.

The trouble with all this finger pointing is that it leaves out half of the baby-making equation: men.

Middle-aged men place a higher value on marriage and parenthood than their younger counterparts do, according to Pew.

Birger also advises college-educated women to consider a different cohort of men altogether.

After waiting for her match and not finding him, she decided to have a baby on her own.

“But her boyfriend doesn’t feel settled in his career, so she spent thousands of dollars to freeze her eggs as she waits for him to be ready.” Susan, 41, a single senior marketing executive from the Upper East Side, is eight months pregnant.You guys are mostly lawyers so if your professional world is so cold and baron, why do it? The quick and dirty version click the graphic for the full set: I grew up in a family where college and a professional career were expected and I know my mom would not be thrilled if I brought home a blue collar guy. Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. I respect blue collar work - it's what my dad and most of his friends did - and I grew up in a rural area working on old cars and motorcycles, fishing, and hunting with my dad.I hear the same story, told in different ways, all over New York City. And then there’s Joanna, from the Upper West Side, who tells me that at age 32, she stepped off the partner track at her law firm, halving her salary to work in the firm’s marketing department, so she could focus on landing a husband. The census labels childless college-educated women over age 35 the “delayer boom” — as if we gathered together in a collective conspiracy in defiance of motherhood.There’s 34-year-old Kate, who works in finance downtown. But at 39, Joanna is still single and childless — and unsatisfied in her career. The latest US Census Fertility Report, published last week, found that for the first time in reported history over half (53.8 percent) of women ages 25-29 are childless and a record 30.8 percent of American women ages 30 to 34 haven’t given birth. Others dub this cohort “career women” as if we made a choice between having a family and a career.Women can’t wait for today’s perpetual male adolescence to change course.

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