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One effective method assigns suppliers to four basic categories based upon their level of performance in key areas, such as delivery, quality and responsiveness.

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Failure to meet any of these requirements can seriously affect a department’s ability to meet its objectives and outputs and ultimately to deliver services to customers.

Procurement is, therefore, strategically important to departments.

But, you might not want to award this supplier any future business.

An incapable supplier should be dropped as soon as possible.

It is often helpful to state the goals of procurement for your organisation.

In this way, you will never lose sight of the purpose of the procurement function and will be able to make more intelligent procurement decisions.Procurement process re-engineering simple entails analyzing current processes, identifying key issues, deriving paradigm shifts and developing (re-engineering) processes through customer value analysis.Materials costs constitute approximately 60 percent of the total working capital of any organisation.These can range from MRO goods and low value items such as pens and paper to new works and high value and complex items such as, raw materials and IT applications/services that support business change, or technical advice or equipment to support research and development.Purchasers need to purchase goods and services of the right quality, at the most cost effective price, in the most economic quantities, and ensure that they are available when needed.There is a great deal of evidence of loss of productivity due to inefficient procurement practices.

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