Asus bios updating tool

I will be in further contact with tech support and will continue posting updates here. I might recommend waiting on doing any resets of your own, because I'm not yet sure it will actually solve the problem.It doesn't appear that the pop-up will do anything so long as you don't allow it to update, so it may be wise to sit tight until a permanent solution is figured out.I will update this answer if the pop-up or folder reappears. I read through here and risked hitting update just now and got the same message saying BIOS was up to date and closing the tool.

asus bios updating tool-85

No pop-ups so far, I'll update if there are any new developments. I thought it was odd that the ASUS was a common factor. I was hoping if it was something big & bad, it would iron itself out. Hi, I also have an asus laptop and I just got this laptop on June 3rd.

I'm angry because I've been getting these same pop ups that won't disappear.

Bad news guys: All deleted files are back and so is the pop-up.

I'm not sure if it has something to do with that zipped file in the screenshots I posted above.

It has a lot of broken English, & has no distinctive logos.

I can click Cancel 3 times, & it won't pop back up until 10-45 min later. Malwarebytes came up with nothing, so did Bit Defender. I got rid of my temp files, & rebooted to see if that helped any.

it shows the the time stamp of when I cancelled the FW Update tool 3 times..

then it shows the same time stamp for when I gave in and had it run its course.

Is there a strong enough virus remover to detect this malware threat?

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