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When we recently wrote about Our Love/Hate Relationship With Our Older Home, one of the things that came up in the comments section (thanks to commenters Karen and DC from Young Adult Money) was dealing with one of the unfortunate side effects of buying an older home.

In particular, figuring out what to do with the ugly fluorescent lighting.

After all it was cheap enough that we could always undo it if the end result looked awful. Maybe we’re biased, but we think the results speak for themselves here.

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Cords come in a several styles, including twisted cords and cotton-covered cords.

These and other cord styles come in any color imaginable, making it easy to find a cord that matches your color scheme.

It’ll make a great accent light, then you put whatever you want in the center.”Mr. But giving them a good scrub with a healthy portion of bleach and swapping out the hinges and handles (~$35 for all of them in the entire kitchen) gives it a much lighter and more modern feel than the old dark dirty hinges.

Po P and I weren’t 100% sure that K&D’s vision would really be as easy to execute as they made it sound, but since we didn’t have a better plan at the time, we decided to give it a shot. Seriously, you don’t want to know how gross and sticky some of those hinges were. I don’t even know how many hours of hard labor K saved me with her suggestion. Po P got the hang of the angle cuts for the corners of the crown moulding, the whole thing came together pretty well. At today’s prices, I think it’d be about $40-$50 in crown moulding, and another $15-$20 for the rope lights. Easily less than $100 for the whole lighting project.

After – Pretty crown moulding border with a halogen fixture mounted in the center.

These lights were single switched (not double switched like the kitchen), and since adding rope light around the edges would have meant running wires and adding an outlet, we decided they were fine just with the crown moulding border.

From electrical adapters to pull chain parts, our selection of components will ensure that your vintage and antique projects are in working order.

This is a super simple IKEA hack that took about 10 minutes this morning.

Clusters and cluster sockets are another unique offering, perfect for use on projects that include multiple bulbs.

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