Voluptuous women dating

and males are therefore attracted to young females.

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Blonde Hair: Blonde hair is another indicator of a woman’s age and thus reproductive value.

Blonde hair changes dramatically with age, darkening after a blonde has her first child, with her oestrogen levels reducing, and more so with the birth of her next children.

There is an extensive literature in many disciplines on the topic of mate preferences and selection (Candolin, 2003; Prokosch, Coss, Scheib & Blozis, 2009; Shackelford, Schmitt & Buss, 2005; Schwarz & Hassenbrauck, 2012).

Much of the recent literature has been driven by debates on the power of the Body Mass Index (BMI) over Waist-to-Hip (WHR) ratios to attempt to determine the universality of male mate preferences (Dixson, Sagata, Linklater & Dixson, 2010).

Young girls who have blonde hair often grow up to become women with brown hair.

So, if males are attracted to blonde hair, they are unconsciously trying to reproduce with younger women, with higher reproductive value, and greater health.

Therefore, it is easiest to judge whether another is attracted to you if they have blue eyes.

This helps explain the liking for blue eyes in both sexes, as it is equally important for a woman to judge whether a male is attracted to her.

Blue Eyes: The only available explanation for the universal liking for blue eyes was offered in 2002.

The human pupil dilates when it is exposed to a stimulus that it likes – e.g. This can be used as an honest indication of an individual’s liking for something.

Large Breasts: Larger and thus heavier breasts sag more evidently with age than do smaller ones, making it easier for a man to judge a woman’s age.

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