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Not quite able to afford the Big Apple living costs, she packed a U-Haul and headed to D. with stars in her eyes and not a single connection to call on. Show you can watch every day: Gossip Girl, obviously. Childhood Dream Job: A writer–so here I am making my 10-year-old self proud.She found her first job the old-fashioned way: a newspaper ad and a solid interview.

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If our parents see this, they will fucking kill us, that’s why we wear MASKS!

Whether she is searching for her dream job or a new city to call home; is saving for a down payment or a ticket to travel the world; is learning to cook or speak another language, she needs a bit of guidance, she wants to be inspired. Childhood Dream Job: I always wanted to be a red carpet reporter/entertainment journalist — incidentally, I still do! A long phone call with my mom, then watching When Harry Met Sally with my sister, best friends, and a bottle of wine.

the complete Hamilton soundtrack Cure to a bad day?

Sprawled across the sofa with my dogs and a glass of wine watching a few episodes of any of my favorite funny shows: the Mindy Project, Office, Friends… The South of France–I’d love to see it when the lavender fields are in bloom! an architect or a writer Danielle was born and raised in Los Angeles and graduated from University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in Sociology.

In an effort to take better photos for her blog, she invested in a digital SLR and eventually started taking on a few photography clients. Bon Iver, The Head and the Heart, Milo Greene, and Andrew Belle. Vet, architect, stationery designer, and interior designer. Having full conversations with my dogs throughout the day Guilty pleasure? If I’m being honest, that’s the cure for a good day as well. Childhood Dream Job: Veterinarian and Children’s Book Publisher Meal you’d eat every day?

Once her business became more established, she realized it was time for a change and after spending 3 days in Chicago in 2009, decided to make the Midwest her new home the following year. And it’s not a meal but if I’m having a really bad day gummy candy and licorice will almost always do the trick. Watching Chopped Junior and critiquing their dishes even though I usually only know half the items in their mystery basket. If it wouldn’t kill me, I’d have a juicy burger (lettuce, tomato, all the cheese) a Bell’s Two-Hearted. Before long, she met fellow blogger Danielle Moss and the two shared a goal of creating something to inspire women like themselves, who had endless dreams but no idea where to begin. With a minuscule budget but impressive work ethic, the new friends launched The Everygirl in February 2012. function(e)([function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n){"use strict";t.__es Module=! 0;var r=n(134),o=function(e)(r);t.default=function(),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),,,function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n){"use strict";function r(e)function o(e)var a=n(13),i=n(39),s=(n(9),n(189), Object.Own Property),u=n(190),l=,c=function(e,t,n,r,o,a,i);c.create Element=function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t),function(e,t),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n),function(e,t,n){"use strict";t.__es Module=!Fuck Studies – Site Rip Everyone knows that studying together is just an excuse to get a little action.She went through her 20s feeling pretty lost in terms of her career and started her blog, Breakfast at Toast, in 2007, with the hopes of documenting her life and hopefully finding some inspiration.

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