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A bear swipes at the Scout, causing a shower of bones everywhere, but the Scout is revealed to be fine, claiming those were the bones of Earhart that were stuck in the costume.

The bear attacks again and the Scout swings a leg bone at it.

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Scout explains that he put on the costume to escape the cold, and Pyro continues rummaging through the plane.

Soldier inquires whether there are more costumes, which there are not, and Scout tells the Soldier that the latter will likely die.

"Christopher" tells the Soldier that he is no closer to reaching the mountain.

The mountain also claims there is food aplenty nearby, citing the wildlife (seen by the delirious Soldier as whole pot roasts), the Soldier's own hands (seen as colossal sandwiches), and even the Scout (seen as a giant hot dog) as potential meals.

Soldier's coat promptly rips into shreds, but he still refuses to take the Russian coats, much to Scout's disappointment (as he was still wearing his RED T-shirt).

The trio of Soldier, Scout, and Pyro set off for the mountains of Siberia, where Heavy is known to be.Hale reveals he knows nearly nothing of her activities, so Darling explains that she had been stockpiling Australium for one hundred and fifty years, and raises the question "Why?" The setting switches back to Siberia, where the Soldier (now sporting a ragged beard) is supposedly talking to "Christopher the Communist Mountain", who is merely a figment of Soldier's imagination."I have a strong connection with the Anglican Church, having been brought up in it," Ms Lee said. I feel so many women have been pushed out, particularly in Sydney. I also go to the Uniting Church student group at uni and I've started a period of discernment.I don't want to leave because the dominant theology doesn't accept me. I've got a mentor and I'm working through whether I'm called to be ordained." Six years after the bitterness and divisiveness of the last debate on women's ordination, the church synod is today to reconsider the issue.Soldier forms a plan to eat all the honey, thus losing the bears' interest, but that plan goes awry and they all get sick to their stomachs with a huge quantity of honey left.

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