Online webcam sexmate - Dating someone abstinent

But, my point is, sex can bring you closer to someone.If you have sex with them regularly during a relationship, I say it creates a stronger bond. There are many ways to show and express love besides intercourse.

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If a guy will leave you because you will not have sex then he doesn’t deserve you, but that should not be what you base relationships on.

Either you have that special connection or you don’t, it seems you don’t recognize that, or you are yet to experience it, and you are using the sex thing as a default test.

@moonglade I see what your saying because lots of my friends don’t think sex is serious and at times I’ve wondered why I thought it was so important, but I don’t necessarily think that it’s the most important thing ever cause I definitely don’t.

But I also like to stay within the practices of my religion and it has seemed to cause my life much less stress than those of my friends who regularly have sex.

And I don’t know what you mean about waiting until marriage being irrelevant.I’m just going to fall in love with someone and lose all the beliefs I formerly had? And I don’t think sex is a grand prize, I think it is an expression of love that is best expressed within marriage, even though many don’t feel that way.

I have also never been in love so you are right about me not knowing what it’s like.

That’s your decision to make…it’s none of my business.

I would only care if you were holier-than-thou about it. In high school I rejected the offers I received, so after a while my message was made pretty clear.

I don’t get that idea or waiting personally, what is it a grand prize?

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