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Through a spokeswoman, Weinstein has "unequivocally denied" all allegations of rape.

And of course they didn’t: Harassment and assault, by their nature, often take place in the shadows, away from others, in intimate places that are hidden and walled and secret.

This, in turn, is in many cases used as a weapon against the victims.

Tweeden, with her photo evidence, was believed because it was unreasonable not to believe her.

Moore’s accusers were believed in some quarters, but in many others were met with doubt: .

How dare anyone grab my breasts like this and think it’s funny? It’s a sentiment that has been steadily spreading, in recent weeks, among those who have been sexually harassed and preyed upon—not among all of them, certainly, but among many more than before.

Will this be the moment that we— as a collective—finally start taking women at their word?

He told Buzzfeed he went into a bedroom and watched TV past midnight.

Rapp said he realized that the other guests had left the party when Spacey appeared at the doorway and approached him.

Calypso beguiled Odysseus—himself a master manipulator—into her island cavern not with her home-decorating skills, but with that standby of gendered scapegoatery: feminine wiles.

Men and women, the ancients assumed through their literature, are at odds with one another; women, generally lacking economic or political power, exert themselves through manipulations.

Stay on topic— Ashlee Marie Preston (@Ashlee MPreston) October 30, 2017Rapp, an actor with a long Broadway career who is now a regular on the TV series "Star Trek: Discovery," was a child actor in 1986 when he says he met Spacey.

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