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One of the underlying principles of Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light, currently on view in Mo MA’s third-floor Photography Galleries, is the importance of vintage prints to understanding Brandt’s oeuvre—and by vintage print I mean a photographic print that was made around the same time as its negative.Anyone who visits the exhibition will surely be impressed by the fine quality of prints (in addition to the arresting and often strange imagery).

Many of these prints were dated using good old fashioned connoisseurship (critical judgments based on expertise knowledge of criteria such as style, paper type, markings, etc.) and provenance (the chronology of ownership of an object).

However, for some of the works, it proved more difficult to verify or estimate the print dates, particularly because Brandt would often reprint from older negatives.

At first, printmaking techniques were not employed merely to allow an artist to produce multiple copies of a single image.

Woodcuts, for example, were ways for publishers to illustrate...

Travel agents and ticket offices during this period were festooned with vivid, eye-catching posters, all designed to capture the beauty, excitement and adventure of travel and to promote a world of enticing destinations and new modes of transportation.

Individual artists gained fame for their distinctive graphic styles and iconic imagery, and many posters from this era still remain important works of art long after their original advertising purposes have faded.

So, your divy instincts having performed admirably, you know you have something old, but exactly how old and and exactly what is it?

Fabric identification without the aid of selvage markings, provenance or an expert can be tricky. But there are clues to put you somewhere in the ballpark.

The exhibition carefully demonstrates these differences and changes.

For prints of unknown dates, we turned to Lee Ann Daffner, Andrew W.

The Boston Public Library's Print Department is home to more than 350 vintage travel posters, most dating from the 1920s-1940s, the “Golden Age of Travel.” Railways opened up America and Europe, luxe ocean liners introduced elegance into overseas voyages, and drivers took to the road in record numbers in their new automobiles.

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