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In reality, dating is just sitting across from a stranger while reciting your resume and feeling awkward until it’s over.

You meet new people, you go to cool dinners, you kiss some frogs.

Slate split with Chris Evans earlier this year, and it seems she’s dipping her toes back into the dating pond.

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She says: ‘We were hardly ever in a situation where we would do normal things together, like lie around on a Sunday afternoon doing laundry or cook dinner together in my apartment. After a while you long for the comfort of everyday ordinariness.” Eventually they split – amicably.

Everything we did was glam and fab – sipping champagne in his hotel suite, attending parties until 4 a.m., attending a Broadway show’s opening night. Marsh attributes the end of the relationship to the age difference and the fact that Townshend’s ultimate roots were in London. ‘My experiences with him exposed me to a world I might not have seen otherwise,” she explains.

that she was set up with a stranger for a blind date. Then, they started texting about where to go on their date, and her mystery man suggested, “something normal like a Renaissance fair.” At first, Slate tried to back out of the date.

She said she was married for nine years and then in a serious relationship with Evans for a year and could not understand why her blind date was texting her all the time. Dating in 2017 is literally just texting for several weeks before you ever meet.

In one sense, Marsh says, she and Townshend had a perfectly normal relationship.

‘Since he [Townshend] was doing a solo tour in the United States, he was in New York for at least 10 days out of the month.‘I would have enjoyed dating Ziggy Marley a lot more if he wasn’t famous,” says one twentysomething New York woman who didn’t want to be named but who had a brief romance with the musician while she was at college in California.After meeting Marley following one of his concerts, she saw him about a dozen times in the next six months, either visiting him in Jamaica or meeting up with him when he was on the West Coast.Unfortunately, Slate shrugged all of this off, agreed to meet the guy, and then THIS happened: "He comes around the corner inside the restaurant…this dude, and I’m not kidding, is dressed in full chain mail,” Slate told the podcast. I am feeling feelings which I never even felt as a teenager, which are like, you’re embarrassing me. He’s trying my pasta with the chain mail clinking across and stuff, it’s insane.” Needless to say, they did not see each other again.“He’s got a full authentic knight’s costume on, including a floor-length tabard, which I called a tunic and then he corrected me and was like, ‘It’s actually a tabard.’” NOOOOOOO. Slate adds that once they said their goodbyes, she went back into the bar alone and ordered a “whiskey vodka.” Girl. Well, we’ve never been on a date with a man masquerading as a knight, but we feel you.‘Whenever we were alone, I felt like we were connecting on an individual level and that he really respected me,” she recalls.

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