Dating an aquarius male church city dating in kansas mo

But don't let it fool you — these guys care a lot about you, your feelings and your relationship. And lastly, even though we've gone over how much he's in his head all the time and how he's stubborn, the one thing that is undeniable is that your Aquarius man really does listen to you, through and through, and cares while he's doing it.

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Well, if he's an Aquarius man, there's a ton hiding inside his head that you probably don't even know about yet.

Because of this, he can seem pretty distant sometimes.

When she's not feverishly obsessing over spreadsheets and grammar, she enjoys drinking margaritas by the pool, watching movies with her husband, Matt, and dancing with her kids in the living room.

Their love lives are marked by the open-minded and enquiring intellect which also informs their natures. He poures deep over what makes the world tick and comes up with ideas and hypotheses which seem to be way ahead of his time.

This is essentially because of his sociable nature and his tendency to be polite and agreeable in company.

So in engaging the attentions of your Aquarius guy, you may find yourself competing with his large social circle who may be equally attracted by your man’s brilliant mind.Alternately, you could try out the helpless Susan act and ask for his help in recording your favorite TV show while you are out.Aquarians love to help others and soon you will have your man fiddling with DTH recorder in your own apartment while you can think of other things to do!Don’t for instance root for the latest band or a football team just because everybody else seems to think they’re great.Reveal your individuality in opinions and actions and your Aquarius date will look at your anew.Interestingly, Aquarians can prove to have an encyclopedic knowledge on sexual matters which is probably because of their innate curiosity about how things work and can be improved upon.

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