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Zach jumped into the passenger seat of Kendall's car, moments before she sped away from the lodge.

Greenlee went over an embankment to avoid colliding with Kendall's out-of-control car. Greenlee was presumed dead after her motorcycle plunged into a ravine and her body was washed away.

Greenlee, dressed in a wedding gown and leather jacket, got on her motorcycle to find Zach.

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To access any of the recaps from 1995 through 2013, please click on the corresponding link in our menu at the very top of this page or use the Recaps Quick View to quickly skip ahead to a particular month and year of recaps. Krystal learned that Tad and Jamie had been found and that Tad was returning home.

Opal accused Krystal of being unfaithful to Tad because of her relationship with David.

Angie refused to tell Jesse where she found David's illegal drugs.

Jesse explained that her case was weak because there was no proof that David had given Krystal the pills. After three months in a coma, Kendall opened her eyes. Kendall learned that Josh had died, she had received his heart, and Bianca was marrying Reese.

Bianca became increasingly uncomfortable with Reese and Zach's relationship.

Ryan was stunned when he learned that Zach was Gabrielle's biological father.Randi's attempt to thwart unwanted advances backfired and she was nearly arrested for prostitution. Natalia told Jesse that she had decided to join the police force. Annie was convinced that Greenlee had murderous intentions. Opal testified that Krystal had developed an addiction to pills. As Josh tried to flee the casino, with Reese as his hostage, Zach armed himself. After JR found her pregnancy test in the bathroom, he jumped to the conclusion that he was the baby's father.Frankie was mortified after he learned that some of his coworkers had watched Randi's sex tape. Things took a deadly turn when Josh raised his gun to Zach. Erica had to make the painful decision to take Josh off life support. Jesse was forced to arrest Angie after she broke into David's house.Krystal, furious, threatened to take Jenny and leave. At Randi and Amanda's urging, Frankie changed the results of the ultrasound to establish conception after her liaison with David. Ryan persuaded Opal to give Greenlee another, more positive, reading.Greenlee was overjoyed to hear that she could go through with her wedding to Ryan without any worries.There you will see that a brief summary of that week's action has been included for your reference.

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