Dating hoffman piano

Instructions Print the puzzle on cardstock and/or laminate for best results.

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Plus a handy reference sheet with the most common terms and symbols used for dynamics. Download Dynamics Flashcards Reference Sheet November 14, 2017 Level: Units 7 A memory matching card game for learning the names and definitions of each tempo marking.

These terms and symbols let performers know how loud or soft to play. Game Suggestion Print all cards on cardstock and cut along the lines. One or more players takes turns trying to match the correct term card with its definition, turning over two cards at a time to see if they match.

Download Scuba and Princess for free; Premium edition includes that popular pair plus Mr. What do Scuba and Princess think of their new look?

Paper Puppets Video Download Free Paper Finger Puppets Download Premium Paper Finger Puppets October 12, 2017 Level: Unit 1 Ready for some review? Dice sides include each of the major repertoire pieces in Unit 1, plus one that suggests, “You Pick!

Read our blog post for some suggestions for exploring tempo using the dice.

Download Tempo Dice October 12, 2017 All levels Use this staff paper (also known as “manuscript paper”) for dictation exercises and for your original compositions.

If you want to determine its worth yourself, you’ll need to do some legwork before you can move forward.

Inspecting the piano’s exterior is crucial; it will be the first thing a potential buyer will notice, and it will clue them in on the instrument’s overall quality.

Download Music Money November 13, 2017 All Levels A fun puzzle to review the black and white keys, letter names, and sharps and flats on the piano.

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