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Edwards (Surfer Joe who ran the Pro BOARD // GBBS, Sys OP Support Site) was also co-designer and developer for Pro TERM Mac with Greg Schaefer and was heavily involved in both GBBS and Pro TERM for the Apple // in the early days of the telephone modem.

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GBBS-Pro was used by boards like Pro BOARD II in Paso Robles, California, Scotland Yard GBBS/AE Pro in Cincinnati, Ohio, No Earthly Connection in Blue Ridge, Georgia, and Apple Elite II in Riverside, California.

GBBS (literally: Greg's Bulletin Board System) was written by Greg Schaefer, who later authored the terminal emulation program Pro TERM.

GBBS is a bulletin board system (BBS) program for the Apple II.

Its first series, named GBBS, was written in Applesoft and used by boards such as Demon Roach Underground in Lubbock, Texas Its successor, GBBS Pro, was ACOS-based.

The Apple IIe ran the first GBBS systems and later the Apple //gs became the game platform and multiline answer GBBS sysops had long searched for. Edwards (by then good friends with Schaefer) had a small GBBS set up for a short time on an Apple //c with only a 140 k B (5.25-inch) floppy disk (but the IIc had 128 k B of RAM compared to 64 k B for the //e). Pro DOS, the operating system, took 32 k of storage space.

(Compare to today's processors, operating systems and memory, etc.) There was a fairly extensive amount of (source) code written for the ACOS compiler and much of it is still available today.Our curriculum helps you develop the skills needed to grow as a professional and effectively operate within a variety of organizations.Courses teach you how to put theories into practice and are taught by skilled faculty with industry experience. Sysops from Johannesburg, South Africa and other places around the world called into the Pro BOARD // for mods and support (in 1986 that was really something).The good deed had not gone unrewarded as word spread.There are several GBBS systems still running today (Lost Gonzo BBS:

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