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We were told our concerns were unwarranted, our fears unfounded, or that it was we who had a problem for suggesting there was something wrong.However, because we doubt, we tend to cope in unhealthy ways: But if we can learn to overcome self doubt, reduce unhealthy coping strategies and accept our powerlessness over addiction, we get to be on the same page with ourselves, and this makes life vastly more manageable.As a clinician I find that most things about addiction are counterintuitive and I urge folks to be proud of their positive intentions.

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If we are painstakingly honest with ourselves we know the truth regardless of what it feels like and are free to act upon it.

Journaling, depersonalizing, and processing with close friends are excellent strategies to identify and cope with our feelings in healthy ways.

How do we know when it's time to leave and how do you manage to adjust to life without your actively addicted partner?

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. a "true alcoholic" involved in the AA program, works through twelve steps and generally gets an AA sponsor for support. You do not go into AA and after time become "recovered." AA does not "teach one" how to be able to drink non-alcoholically. It teaches you how to live life on life's terms and helps you discover how and why you drank that way to begin with.

Regardless of where our loved ones are in their journey, it’s important that we take stock too. We experienced the progressive loss of the person we loved.

Clinicians refer to those impacted by another person’s addictions as “affected others.” This is a hopelessly generic and sterile bit of language that unwittingly minimizes the experience of we who bear witness to the spiral of addiction. In the throes of addiction our partners became progressively unavailable to us.

We worked to maintain some sense of order – some type of manageable status quo.

Now everything is different and we find ourselves struggling to adjust.

Perhaps the most notable of these is that we struggle endlessly with self doubt.

This is not especially surprising, because many of us had our doubts preyed upon.

Some strategies to adopt as you strive to cope with the relational challenges of the early recovery period are: When we notice self doubt we have the opportunity to ask ourselves, “Do I truly doubt this or am I simply uncomfortable with how I feel about it?

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