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Business PC makers may have specialized tech-support lines to help you troubleshoot your Quick Books problem.

At the very least, you can add a service contract to your business PC so that on-site tech-support calls are handled by techs who respond in hours or minutes rather than in days or weeks, like those who handle consumer tech support.

You may also find extra DIMM slots, which will let you upgrade your memory later.

Eventual upgrades in a business PC are likely to be modest: the 125- to 350-watt power supply in these budget PCs won't be able to power more than a midlevel graphics card or more than two internal hard drives, though, of course, in most cases they won't need to.

Most of the time, integrated graphics will be just fine, since you won't be playing 3D games on your work desktop.

Most workers who require discrete graphics will use them for specialized tasks, such as GPU acceleration in Adobe Photoshop or 3D graphics visualization for architectural drawings.

Don't need multiple hard drives and/or multiple graphics cards for your users?

Consider deploying all-in-ones instead of tower PCs.

Dual- and quad-core processors, particularly in the Intel Core i3 and Core i5 lines, are the norm in business PCs.

Celeron and Pentium dual-core CPUs are found in lower-priced desktop PCs, and use technology from the higher-end Intel Core processor line.

Optical drives are less critical for consumer PCs these days, since you can stream multimedia from the Internet or download content directly to hard drives.

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