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Alphys has a crush on Asgore and sometimes refers to him as "Mr.

Dreamy." In the epilogue, Alphys comments that she has moved on from Asgore, and adds that she thinks Asgore and Toriel are a cute couple.

Mettaton catches on after Alphys excitedly answers a question about her favorite video game, After Mettaton's quiz finishes and he flies away, Alphys offers her phone number to the protagonist.

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She isolated determination from the six human SOULs and injected it into monsters who had "fallen down" in an attempt to extend the longevity of their SOULs after death.

None of the monsters died, and they were well for a short time before they melted together.

Alphys tries to impress Undyne because she does not want Undyne to think that she is a nerdy loser.

Alphys admires and supports the protagonist as they travel through the Underground.

She dates the protagonist because she believes that the protagonist wrote Undyne's love letter; Alphys later admits that she has no interest in actually dating the protagonist and was only pretending to go on a date to be nice.

She tries to do what Asgore asks of her, which leads to the failure of the determination experiments.

She admits that she lied to the protagonist, When the protagonist returns to the lab, a note from Alphys lays on the ground in front of the "bathroom." The note directs the protagonist to the True Lab's entrance to discover the truth, in case they do not hear from her again.

The protagonist learns about Alphys's Determination experiments in the True Lab via consoles on the walls that have her lab entries on them.

She stays with Mettaton's body as the protagonist progresses into the next room.

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