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And there are no obvious lines of demarcation between the verbal and non-verbal behaviors that characterize them.

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No doubt his jaw will drop and his eyebrow will be raised… Then with the self-timer on your camera, take a handful of pictures ranging from all layered up down to almost naked. if you’re camera shy or prefer to keep it more conservative, have the last picture be one of you in your bathrobe with your hand on the sash, ready to un-tie!

You can bet there will be a curious grin in there, too! All you have to do is print the super sexy printables created by Courney from Paperelli Designs. Don’t have a string, bakers twine, or clothespins on hand? Or even one of you peeking out from under the covers. For most of these pics, I simply printed my own pictures at home (you don’t need professional quality pictures to get this point across).

Attach your pictures to the line, each one getting progressively more revealing.

Next, attach the sexy tease notes to really up the anticipation.

Then she added, with a coy, semi-joking twinkle in her eyes, “ . But delightedly, he recognized that she was attracted to him, too, and must have felt compelled to take advantage of this unprecedented circumstance to somehow let him know. So it’s all, as the name so clearly indicates, a “tease”—and in the most negative sense of that term.

Nothing came of this all-too-brief, innocent “tease,” but he was amazed at the electric sparks he felt literally flying all around them. It’s as though, for various self- and ego-centered reasons, the cock teaser simply can’t resist the temptation to entice the other person, so as to experience the satisfaction of their drooling over her—and with no real intention of satisfying the desire so skillfully kindled.

In a sense, flirting and cock teasing can be seen as kindred forms of teasing.

That is, they similarly suggest at least the of sexual intimacy.

One example of what I’m characterizing comes from a former client who, a young bachelor at the time, shared with me his immense attraction for his best friend’s wife.

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