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She will cherish your family and remain faithful until death do you part.From a young age, Asian girls are taught to respect the men in their lives. They will be support and never undermine their husbands' decisions.On my first date with a Thai girl I tried walking arm in arm with her (something I like to do.)She was very uncomfortable with the whole thing and wouldn't let me touch her.

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Going on dates with someone from a different culture is a challenge.

Thai ladies are beautiful (and fun) and getting to know them is worth it.

In fact make sure you let her know that you've never been since.

If she insists on talking about you can mention these two things: You feel bad for the women who have to work there and that you understand how they're making money for their family.

Somewhere along the line, traditional values of many cultures have slipped to become a universal culture, and the mystical romance of tradition has been lost along the way.

But Thai women are steeped in a culture which dates back centuries.

I recommend staying away from talking about those areas (even if you happen to like them.) It's a test.

Your best bet is to say that you went with your friends once (to check out the scene) but you didn't like it.

The education is important, and open mind is important too.

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