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Paul Mc Cartney and his girlfriend of four years, Nancy Shevell, are engaged to be married.

In July 2006, British newspapers announced that Mc Cartney had petitioned for divorce.

On 17 March 2008, the financial terms of the divorce were finalised, which awarded Mills £24.3 million ($38.5 million).

Miss Mills told the court that she had acted as Sir Paul's "psychologist", who nursed him through his grief and "single-handedly saved him" by restoring his confidence.

But Mr Bennett said: "I wholly reject her account that she rekindled the husband's professional flame and gave him back his confidence.

This will be Mc Cartney’s third marriage: He married Linda Mc Cartney in 1969 and Heather Mills in 2002.

While his marriage with Mills ended in a messy divorce in 2008, Mc Cartney didn’t seem hesitant to give love another shot.

Mc Cartney met American photographer Linda Eastman in a club in London while still with Asher.

They met again at the launch party for the Beatles' Sgt. In May 1968, Mc Cartney met Eastman again in New York, and they were married on 12 March 1969.

They had three children together, and remained married until her death from breast cancer in 1998.

Mc Cartney appeared publicly beside Heather Mills at a party in January 2000, to celebrate her 32nd birthday.

Asher inspired other songs, such as "And I Love Her", "You Won't See Me" and "I'm Looking Through You".

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