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Instead having to deal with the dry reality of my relationship and the potentially irritating conflicts I seek refuge in a fantasy world where I have maximal control over the (prevailing) events. A clever Internet-operators as for instance Yahoo already even offer platforms especially targeting married folks who are looking for a little excitement on the side (for instance

Obviously, that represents a high potential for addiction! or maybe even assuming an entirely new virtual identity and with it do everything that one would have never dared do in real life? At first blush these “little escapades” leaving every-day-life and the real partnership behind may appear to be harmless, but they are by no means that.

One click, and my boring, stressful every-day relationship is a thing of the past and an exciting virtual world loaded with countless opportunities (and flirting prospects) lies ahead. what could possibly be wrong with a little relaxing passionate cybersex-banter after a stressful day at work . By now many studies have demonstrated that the betrayed experience virtual unfaithfulness like the real thing.

I would hate for you to have your faith shaken by another human beings weaknesses. But, our enemy sneaks around like a lion, waiting to see who he can devour.

and, with the creation of the Internet, we are given an easy way to fall deeper into that pit of the flesh. But, God is looking in our hearts, crying out for us to turn them back towards him.

In 2003 an Australian study revealed that an on-line affair affects the partner more deeply than watching porn.

The realization that one’s own partner desires another person more than oneself triggers intense insecurity.

In my opinion, I would frankly, honestly and sternly explain how his actions have betrayed God and hurt you, and that you do not wish to have further communication with him.

Then, as you press in to grow your own relationship with God, you can begin to pray for Him.The boundaries of space and time have been removed.In real life a secret affair between someone from Hamburg and someone from Munich would involve an incredible logistic effort – not so in virtual space.A tempting opportunity to thumb one’s nose at every day’s stress.My husband is more interested in the super bowl than in me and has once again forgotten to bring the soda along?Back then Keenan stated to the newspaper “Daily Telegraph” “The most frequent cause appears to be people inappropriately chatting about sex with folks with whom they should rather not do that.” Other countries are following.

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