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The "Bring It On" star added that she had recently relocated back to the Boston area and bought a condo that was near the Watertown home where she was raised.

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december 1980) er en albansk-dansk-amerikansk fjernsyns- og filmskuespiller, som har medvirket i adskillige Hollywood-film, såsom True Lies, The New Guy, Bring It On og Wrong Turn.

Eliza Dushku full name Eliza Patricia Dushku is an Albanian- American actress.

She is known for her role as Faith on hit television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The 33-year-old actress grew up in Watertown, a city near Boston, and attributed the breakup to geographical differences.

"Rick's an LA guy and I'm a Boston girl," Dushku said.

"I'd rather be a little physically cold than emotionally cold in LA," she said. " Dushku expanded on the differences between Boston and LA living in an interview with Beantown magazine The Improper Bostonian.

"After living in Los Angeles for 15 years, I definitely grew out of being an L. hater, but I think there's a level of truthfulness and individuality here that is refreshing in a business where everyone conforms to certain standards," she said.

They dissolved their relationship in 2008 but in February 2009 she announced on the Howard Stern radio show that they had broken up and officially confirmed their broke up.

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