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"These are child welfare files that I thought were under lock and key," Anna Courtoreille said.

The information contained in the letter dated back to a time she was a young mother living in the Beaver First Nation's Child Lake community, east of High Level.

Anna Courtoreille fears others in her small community know about her personal information.

The unauthorized disclosure she thinks was done to hurt her continues to cause her unbearable anxiety, she said. Daughter Kelly has since left her job at the North Peace Tribal Council and is now training to be a social worker.

Measures were also taken by the ministry of Human Services to educate the North Peace Tribal Council "in order to prevent a similar occurrence," the report says.

But none of that is good enough for Anna Courtoreille.It was three pages of material, cut and pasted from her mother's files and those of other family members. Growing up in care, Courtoreille Wright had always believed she had been taken away from her mother as a young child. "The most shocking was I did not know that my mother had given us up," she said."I started crying because a lot of this stuff I did not know." Courtoreille Wright, now 31, went to talk to her mother for an explanation.The FOIP report says restrictions have since been placed on access to the computer files of Anna Courtoreille and her family.It found that the department of Human Services responded "immediately and appropriately" after being informed that Courtoreille's personal information had been disclosed without authorization.Inside were mind-blowing and disturbing details about her own childhood, things even she hadn't known about her past. "It was like, holy crap," Courtoreille Wright told CBC News.

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