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The system ensures there are no security breaches during the transaction processing by encrpting all card information using triple DES technology, thus protecting the card information.

Our payment processing service helps organizations to: Reduce the administrative overhead of cheque printing and returned cheques Generate new Revenue streams PROFILE e Tranzact is Nigeria’s first award winning multi-application and multi-channel electronic transaction switching and payment processing platform.

Now for a global audience, there are several ways which have evolved that has allowed merchants to be able to receive money online ranging from merchant’s own merchant account to third party payment processing.

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You can believe there should be one universal online payment system and will strongly compete to be the provider of choice.

Simple Pay Payment Gateway will however suspend any account that is found to be involved in any fraudulent or malicious activity, including impersonating a representative or attempting to gain other users passwords.

We design, implement and support payment infrastructure that deliver the highest level of availability and transaction integrity.

Our systems accept transactions from a diverse range of delivery payment channels, intelligently switching them to a variety of external networks.

Simple Pay’s service, which lets users send payments for free, can be used from PCs or web-enabled mobile phones.

Simple Pay launched this service so that anyone with an email account can send or receive credits. Simple Pay Payment Gateway members may redeem their credits for the cash equivalency at any time by selling these credits back to Simple Pay Payment Gateway, in the form of a withdrawal from the system.

As an entrepreneur, it’s one thing to be able to conceive an online business idea, create the virtual platform, market your product or service but how do you receive your payment online in Nigeria?

If you’re already thinking about this then it probably means that you have figured out what to sell to people so receiving the online payment is what is next. As a professional website development company in Nigeria, our Webcentre Team at have conducted this research, and present the Top 10 Online Processing Platforms in Nigeria below: 1.

Interswitchs Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) switching application, supports major networks including Verve, Mastercard, and China Union Pay, besides other proprietary networks.

The infrastructure is based on open-system architecture and uses relational database technology, offering clientsportability, and reliability as they expand.

The company currently has operations in six other countries around the world; South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Cote d’voire and United Kingdom.

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