Virus defs not updating

That's not what happens in my experience, the downloading of VD updates doesn't relate to browsing/scanning.

They come down of their own accord even while the system is idle.

Suggesting whatever live update did, it wasn't to do with virus definitions.

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I am due to renew in the next 30 days and I am seriously considering a different product.

Without regular updates, this "new" NIS doesn't make me feel protected or secure.

It needs to be looked and and an explanation for the less frequent updates needs to be given and/or fixed. It uses the cloud to compare the latest threat definitions.

Normal definitions are downloaded periodically as necessary, and then when scanning/browsing Norton will acccess the cloud for the most up to date definitions. A Symantec employee may have a fuller/better explanation.

Been at home working on a project today and have noticed that the virus definitions updates are yet again coming down at a range between 40mintues to over an hour. Earlier (and in the past) after several tries at running live update, it will download/install something but the elapsed time since the "last virus definition update" doesn't change.

I know people have tried to explain it all away, but when this system of maintaining a stream of virus definitions updates to ensure security goes from updating every 2-10 minutes (or at least has done since I installed it last year) to nothing happening for hours....something is wrong. I've clicked "run liveupdate" in NIS and it searches for something then says no updates found, currently at least.

Because Norton is able to access up to date cloud definitions, there's probably no need to pump Pulse updates out so often.

I think people are worrying unnecessarily, as you have multiple layers of protection. Then why is it not downloading updated definitions from "the cloud" as frequently as it used to?

HERE Download link is on the left Unzip (extract) it to a folder of its own.

Norton products are about the slowest and most resource hungry alternative available, and performance problems have plagued their use year after year! I persevered for about a year until I got tired of reinstalling because of corrupted updates etc. they email me instructions every time and follow up the problem until it's been fixed.

It's been well over an hour now since anything updated and I'm sorry if I feel that green tick is perhaps not as indicative of a safe system as it used to be.

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