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By default, cvs tag adds the tag to the BASE revision.You can specify files to tag by providing their filenames as an argument to cvs tag.The -c command option to cvs tag allows you to check whether your sandbox files have been modified and not committed before you tag the files.

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When you want to look at all the file revisions that belong to a tag, CVS can "pull the string" to locate the tagged revisions.

Figure 4-2 shows the same group of files, with the string pulled tight to show which set of revisions belong to that tag.

A tag can be used to mark a specific revision of a single file or a specific set of revisions of a group of files—in essence, naming the string.

The tag then gives you a convenient way to retrieve that revision or matched set of revisions.

If your coworker commits twice, the BASE revision for your sandbox is still 1.23, because you haven't synchronized with the changes in the repository.

The HEAD revision is now 1.25, because your coworker's two commits were given revision numbers 1.24 and 1.25.

This chapter explains tags, branches, and how to merge branches and trunks.

It also discusses why and when to branch and provides strategies and hints for using branches effectively in your project.

One of the most helpful yet underused facilities of CVS is the tag .

CVS's tagging feature allows you to label a revision for later retrieval.

CVS uses the HEAD tag name for the most recent revision in the repository.

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