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“People didn’t laugh or think less of me,” he wrote, “it was the opposite. Perry wrote that art saved him from the “trunkful of angry masculinity” he was carrying.

They respected me for letting off the pressure cooker of emotion and for letting the mask slip.”Meanwhile, boxer Anthony Joshua has teamed up with men’s fragrance brand Lynx to raise awareness of male insecurities by answering some of the most-searched questions about the subject on Google. He has also presented several TV series on the subject.

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From hip-hop that tackles toxic masculinity, to frank online discussions about mental health, a global movement is asking afresh: what does it mean to be a man? He boasts and bullies and shoves his way to the front of photo line-ups. Donald Trump is a caricature of a tough, powerful man’s man – and it might have won him the US presidency.

For disaffected rust-belt workers emasculated by years of unemployment and underemployment, Trump promised new jobs and renewed pride.

A publicity campaign, yes, but in sharing questions like #isitokforguys… Interviewees included a cage fighter who breaks down over his brother’s suicide and gang members who discussed the voids left by absent or disappointing male role models.

Compared to even a generation ago, there is more awareness of, and respect for, different identities and sexualities among men.

But being urged to ‘man up’, seems to have left many decisively down: suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. Strong and silent stereotypes are being replaced with more diverse and fulfilling ways of being men.

In a post-feminist world, traditionally male instincts to toil, protect and provide are being thwarted left, right and centre. The Good Men Project, a website that publishes articles about “what enlightened masculinity might look like in the 21st century”, says that it receives more than 5 million visitors a month: testimony perhaps to how many men care about how their behaviour as men impacts their lives and others’.“There are lots of different ways to be a man these days: we’re not having to conform to stereotypes as much any more,” says Samuels.“He was evoking an old-school image of work that involves men wearing hard hats,” wrote Monica Potts in The Nation days after the election result.“Like so much else in his campaign, his promises were explicitly made to men.”In the UK too, the pro-Brexit mantra of ‘take back control’ spoke to the frustration and fear felt by some men as digital technology, automation and the gig economy – among other factors – cause uncertainty about their role in society. Patriarchy has gone hand in hand with capitalism, and the two have suppressed women, subjugated many other sections of society, and helped spark countless conflicts. While men have helped create wars in the first place, they have also largely been the ones to fight and die in them.It’s an underreported fact that almost twice as many men than women are victims of violence.“Society doesn’t differentiate between men and patriarchy,” says Nathan Roberts, chief executive of A Band of Brothers, a charity that helps young men who have been involved in the criminal justice system through personal development and community building, particularly rites of passage.“But the young men we work with don’t have a great deal of privilege.Society hasn’t thought enough about the scars there are in the masculine psyche.

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