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Start by generating the test data for the purpose of this benchmark.

The following is best only used on a Magento install without sample data.

jmeter parameters not updating to database-76

If you have already configured a storefront including the samples, you can uninstall the unneeded entries by following the instructions provided at the Magento Git Hub repository.

With a clean empty site, proceed by setting the following global parameter in your database.

With the Magento site configured for benchmarking, continue by installing the JMeter on another computer that will be used to generate the test load.

JMeter is available on any operating system that supports Java Runtime Environment.

Besides generating the test data, you should also adjust a few settings in the Magento administration control panel.

Open your site’s admin page and log in, then browse to the following menu.

JMeter can be run either on the command line or with the graphical user interface.

Below you will find the steps for both of these options to help with the benchmarking.

Enable the web server rewrites in the first category if not already set. If you get an error when saving any changes, make sure the file permissions and ownership are set correctly and try saving again.

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