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Base classes of all of these are provided, but in most cases it is easiest to inherit from .

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The familiar "read some lines and compare them to some regular expressions" style of text processing is generally not well-suited to adequately parsing and processing XML.

Python, fortunately (and more so than most other languages), has both straightforward ways of dealing with complex data structures (usually with classes and attributes), and a range of XML-related modules to aid in parsing, processing, and generating XML.

All of the modules discussed below can be found at that site (via links to the respective module owner's sites).

In particular, the Py XML distribution can be found as both a tarball and as a Win32 installer in the Vaults.

XML documents are similar to HTML in being composed of text interspersed with and structured by markup tags in angle-brackets.

But XML encompasses many systems of tags that allow XML documents to be used for many purposes: magazine articles and user documentation, files of structured data (like CSV or EDI files), messages for interprocess communication between programs, architectural diagrams (like CAD formats), and many other purposes.This package contains many of the modules discussed in this article, some "getting started" documentation, some demonstration code, and whatever else the XML-SIG might decide to throw into the distribution.A given package may not always contain the "bleeding edge" version of each individual module or tool, but downloading the Py XML distribution is a good place to start.Much--or most--of the effort of maintaining a range of XML tools for Python is performed by members of the XML-SIG.As with other Python Special Interest Groups, the XML-SIG maintains a mailing list, list archive, helpful references, documentation, a standard packaging, and other resources.(Think of it as JDBC for XML.)" (Lars Marius Garshol, SAX for Python, see Resources) class that is registered with whatever parser is used.

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