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Want to try out these applications or some of the other hundreds of Apps for your Black Berry this is what you need to do: How to download Black Berry App World * Please check here for System Requirements and make sure you have an account with Pay Pal so you can go shopping! Nothing is perfect, so if you are having any problems or need help trouble-shooting head over to our Black Berry Community Support Forums where our amazing members and Black Berry Technical Advisors are there to help.

Now that you have downloaded some applications, what are your favorites?

I posted earlier about going 100% mobile, and now I’m one step closer with this RSS reader.

Viigo not updating Totally free cam fuck dating sites

Viigo (one of the best mobile RSS experiences available) has direct push to us.

It’s far superior to the i Phone’s mobile Google Reader sharing experience, so I’ve been happily consuming and sharing. It would be understandable if everything weren’t updating, but it seems to be us entries.

Update: So after 3 months of usage here are some ideas that would make this app even better: – Instead of auto updating the feed every X minutes, the app should hook into a ping server to update the feeds – Not sure the network providers would love this, but an option to download images in the background would be great. – Finding that I often want to follow a link — an option for links to open up in browser would be great.

– I obviously have lots of overlap with my web based Google Reader, and would like to see a way to sync back, so that any items that I read on Viigo would show up as read on Google Reader as well. Right now clicking on a link just brings up the menu within the app. example usage: would like to tag a few feeds as “sports” and then just read the “sports” feeds. Wold be great if it could alert me when a feed is updated via my blackberry inbox ( g Talk does a great job with this.

Not knowing exactly what it would look like, I was surprised and happy to see a very light-weight, fast RSS reader powered by a product called Viigo.

(The blackberrycool version seems identical to the regular product – just a few extra pre loaded mobile oriented feeds) So a quick review: – ease of use: A – layout/format: A-.) For feeds with time sensitive info – like craigslist feeds – this would be a killer feature.Earlier in the week we told you about our special edition of Viigo.It supports images, and even displays Feedburner feedflares, but they aren’t really active – connectivity: A.It downloads in the background so off-line use isn’t that bad. It worked with EVERY feed I tried except when I tried to pull my own RSS feed.Vlingo allows you to use your voice to direct tasks, and write emails or other text on the Black Berry.

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