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To break something that was so magical and was a structure and a base for you, and just to see your mum so upset, is a hard thing.” In the trailer for The Voice Kids, we see Jones reduced to tears by one contestant whose story had personal resonances for him.

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Danny said: “We try and give them the most positive feedback we can while trying to be as honest as we can.

But you kind of vibe off how vulnerable the kid is feeling at the time.

If they’re gonna break down, if they’re really upset, I always say, ‘Look what you’ve just achieved, look at the advice you’re getting at such a young age’.” As we’ve seen on The Voice and similar shows such as The X Factor, being crowned winner doesn’t always lead to long-term success.

So how will these young singers cope if their careers fail to take off afterwards? They’re not like, ‘This is my last chance to make it’,” says Jones. I don’t know if many of them really know what they want to do yet; that’s what’s amazing, we can get on to that and help them become that.” The somewhat eccentric particularly good at talking to the kids on their level, Jones says with a laugh. And for Pixie, we’re like the two annoying brothers.” Formed in 2004, Mc Fly — Jones, Harry Judd, Dougie Poynter and Tom Fletcher— reached number one with their debut single, 5 Colours In Her Hair, and went on to sell more than 10 million albums.

They took exception to the then 13-year-old learning to play the guitar, and their taunts almost led him to give up on his passion. I hated walking down the corridor with my guitar, people saying, ‘Oh what’s that, are you going to play us a tune?

’ Stupid stuff,” the Bolton singer, now 31, reveals. If I didn’t have the private lessons going on in the background I probably would have given it up completely, if it wasn’t for my mum and my family believing in me.” With his Instagram account depicting exotic travels, recording studio japes and Jones on stage in front of thousands of adoring fans, the upbeat star clearly had the last laugh after he left Thornleigh Salesian College in 2002.

We are very proud of our high standards when it comes to music and productions.

“I am sure that if Danny was at the school now then he would have a much different experience.

He was kind of talking about his dad leaving him, I was like, ‘Mate, my dad did the same’.” Jones married model Georgia Horsley in 2014, and his bandmates were best men.

(“We’re like brothers,” he says of his bandmates).”I didn’t actually want to get married because my mum and dad had a divorce,” he admits.

And like all brides-to-be, Georgia wants to look her very best.

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