Natural hair dating

"I had to learn to appreciate and understand my hair." Here, she spills her red carpet-tested tricks of the trade, which work (obvi, considering her hair always looks fab! Sleep with your hair in a high pile."I put my hair on top of my head with a loose scrunchie.

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I tell him I straightened my hair, but it’s naturally curly.

“I think curly hair is more natural and sexy,” he says.

Since he thinks curls are sexy, maybe he assumed curlies (even disguised by a flat iron) are more flirtatious than our naturally straight counterparts.

He then proceeds to grab my hand and, unfortunately, makes an attempt at touch football when the plates are cleared.

Argan oil has been all the rage, and for good reason: It's super hydrating but not too weighty.

Though many textured ladies shy away from "beach hair" spray, the extra bounce and definition can really take your curls to the next level. Moringa oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and calcium, important nutrients for the skin and scalp.

And while none of my dates developed into long-lasting connections, the experiment was enlightening.

My family is from Argentina, and the men from similar cultural backgrounds—like the Cuban and Italian men I met—seemed happy and familiar with curlies like me, even in my most awkward, frizz-filled moments.

See: 7 Questions To Ask On A First Date It could also depend on culture.

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