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When the Xbox One headset adapter launches in March it is going to cost you about (.99 to be exact) to own.

It will give you complete control over volume controls at the tip of your fingertips.

The Xbox 360 shipped standard with a headset, and so audio chat quickly became a staple of Xbox Live.

Eurogamer is reporting that the Xbox One will only keep five minutes of video in its buffer, but the PS4 will supposedly keep upwards of fifteen minutes.

Regardless of the specific implementation details, the video sharing functionality is going to make a big difference for gamers.

With any luck, this will also bring important premium features like cross-game chat to the Play Station Network.

Frankly, the PS4 desperately needs a private cross-game group chat feature to stay competitive with Xbox Live.

You won’t even have to wait for the game to finish downloading to start playing thanks to the modern digital distribution platforms.

Even something as simple as the dashboard UI will be a marked improvement over the incredibly laggy Xbox 360 interface.For months, we’ve heard that the Xbox One and PS4 will feature in-game video sharing, but only recently have more concrete details come to light.Both platforms will automatically record gameplay in the background, but there is apparently a substantial difference in buffer size.Tablet integration and cloud gaming have been incessantly heralded as the saviors of the Xbox One and PS4..While they both have a lot of potential to expand the medium, plenty of other important features are slated for the Xbox One and PS4 that haven’t received nearly enough praise.With the rise of Twitch game streaming and the explosive growth of “Let’s Play” communities around the web, it’s becoming abundantly clear that console gamers need an easy way to share gameplay videos.

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